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Funzilla Fest

Funzilla Fest arises from the affiliation of various photographic initiatives based in the city of Rome, namely, Fugazine and Monkeyphoto, which for some time have concentrated on the production of photographic ‘zines and Microprisma, an utterly experimental and independent space dedicated to photography.

The idea is very simple, that is: to create a two-day festival dedicated entirely to Photographic Fanzines.

Recently, self-published photography books brought new life as proved by the emergence of self-funded and independent projects, which make current photographic scene extremely prolific.

Funzilla Fest focuses on photographic fanzines by devoting these two days to discussions, meetings and publishing presentations at Microprisma in Rome.

If you have published a fanzine and you wish to participate, Funzilla Fest will provide you with a free space for displaying and selling your production(s).

Should you wish to participate but unable to come to Rome on 16 and 17 April 2016, just send us your ‘zine(s) with necessary postage requirements in order to send you back any unsold copies.

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